Every so often, a new ingredient becomes all the rage in anti-aging skin care. Most of the time, these ingredients have been used in skin care products, but it is only after they get publicity in the media that advertisers draw attention to them. For example, drug store lotions have contained shea butter for decades, but only recently do they advertise it as an ingredient. In the last few years, you have probably seen personal care products containing argan oil. What is argan oil, and why has it become popular for use in skin care products?

Where Does Argan Oil Come From?

Argan oil is a completely plant-based ingredient, which contributes to its popularity among partisans of all-natural skin care. It comes from the kernels of the Argan Tree, which grows in Morocco. The oil is edible, and in Morocco, people sometimes eat bread with a mixture of argan oil, almonds, and honey for breakfast. To the rest of the world, though, argan oil is much more well known as an ingredient in skin care products.

Argan Oil as a Skin Care Product

You can find plenty of commercially produced hair conditioners and skin creams made with argan oil, but it does the job just fine by itself. In Morocco, argan oil is used topically to treat acne. People in Morocco also use it as a skin moisturizer and a hair conditioner. You can use argan oil almost anywhere on your body, including your skin, hair, and nails. You can even use it on your lips; it doesn’t matter if it gets in your mouth, because it is edible. Argan oil contains vitamin E, which is good for protecting the skin. If you have naturally oily skin, argan oil might make your skin feel greasy because of the vitamin E.

Argan oil is a versatile, plant-based product with many benefits for those looking to defy aging.