One of the biggest and most superficial cervical muscles is the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM). SCM’s main functions are neck flexion and head rotation to the opposing side. People often use portable massage machines, such as massage guns, to get rid of the neck pain. Those portable massage machines might help to release the pain for a while but will not cure the root cause of the pain since it only massages with vibration on the outer muscles on the back of the neck. Company called Osanghealthcare has worked with neuro-surgeons and invented a portable massage machine “PUM” to improve people’s life qualities. This life changing machine will massage SCM directly with its 1Mhz ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, curing the root cause of the neck pain for those who are suffering from text neck symptoms.

Why is PUM so special?

Constant smartphone use makes your neck stick out downward, which eliminates the cervical vertebra’s natural C-curve and turns it into a straight stick. Text Neck Symptoms (Forward Head Posture) are caused by excessive stiffness in the muscles of the back of the neck and shoulders. Text neck symptoms will cause headache and dizziness, neck discomfort, eye pain, sleep apnea and many other physical dysfunctions. If not treated properly from initiation, text neck symptoms might be led to chronic cervical disc herniation. PUM produces heat to directly penetrate the stiff sternocleidomastoid and the back of the neck with 1Mhz ultrasound to vibrate the deep tissues of the region at 1 million times per second. The SCM and back of the neck are relaxed during this deep muscular heat therapy, which successfully relieves discomfort and aids in the SCM’s return to its natural shape. Small electrical pulses are delivered via the skin as part of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), often known as e-stim or electrostim, to assist treating muscle pain or manipulate nerves to lessen pain. PUM also provides a complimentary hypoallergenic moisturizing cream to help with penetration and reduce friction while utilizing ultrasonic or EMS (Aloe gel can be used as a substitute). EMS intensity can be adjusted in 1~3 levels for users to choose and it can be used in 3 modes: ultrasound mode, EMS mode, and a mode using ultrasound and EMS simultaneously. Massage will automatically end after 15 minutes operating time. 

Feel extra convenience by using PUM

PUM has an intuitive design to improve sensor adherence. PUM offers excellent portability due to its small size and light weight. PUM can be carried anywhere you go, even on business travels, vacations, and to and from work. Additionally, PUM is wireless and thanks to its headphone-like design, you may put it anywhere and do any activities you want, including reading a book, working, studying, watching a movie, and so on. It is also very easy to control – you can power it on, off, choose the EMS level with two buttons on the device. With its C-type charger type, you can charge the device easily if you have a C-type charger. 

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There never been a portable massage machine that offers you an ultrasound and EMS therapy. Visiting a physical therapist usually costs $65 at least and since it takes a long time to cure the neck muscles, you have to visit steadily for a long time. Purchasing PUM will save your money. PUM, your personal physical therapist for anytime, anywhere is now offered exclusively on Indiegogo at a discounted price. Find more details about PUM on Indiegogo.