Crooked, uneven, decayed or yellowed teeth are not features that can be easily hidden. For many, unhealthy or unsightly teeth can be exceedingly embarrassing and can inhibit people from doing things they want to do as their confidence is severely affected by the poor state of their teeth. Decay in teeth can also be exceedingly painful. A smile that people feel ashamed of can be rectified.

Access to high quality dental care is crucial to creating and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Emergency, remedial or cosmetic dentistry can be obtained from a variety of specialists, and from specific zones if need be, you don´t want to travel thousands of miles for a dentist, as an example, if you are living in Montreal, you will most want to find a Montreal Dentist. Expertise can be sought based upon an individual’s specific needs, for example a person with crooked or uneven teeth would need to consult the services of an Orthodontist who employ a variety of oral appliances such as braces to produce a functional smile. Sufferers from unhealthy gums would seek the services of Periodontist who perform gum surgery and treat gum disease.

Another key service offered by most dental practices are the duties of Hygienists who perform scale and polishing practices which results in the removal of plaque that normal brushing cannot eradicate and help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Some people can be dissuaded from seeking dental care due to cost implications, however, some dental practices have very competitive pricing structures and for more expensive procedures

financial options are made available to spread the costs and make it affordable.

Having a healthy, balanced diet helps teeth stay strong and minimizes the chances of decay. Eating foods high in calcium, such as cheese, especially aids the strengthening of teeth. Consuming leafy greens, apples, carrots, celery and almonds also contributes to the health of teeth and gums. Limiting snacks between meals is another way to limit the build of plaque.

A rigorous cleaning regime will also keep teeth healthy, making sure brushing is done twice a day with a reputable, good quality tooth paste and a well-maintained brush. The use of an electric tooth brush is a method recommended by the majority of dentists. Flossing is another way in which damaging plaque can be removed between teeth. Chewing dental gum after each meal will also negate acids from food that can cause tooth decay. Whiter teeth can be obtained by using specific teeth whitening toothpaste and whitening mouth wash.

Education also plays a key role in ensuring the establishment and maintaining of healthy teeth and gums. Good habits formed in childhood will inevitably extend into adulthood. The use of disclosing tablets which make dental plaque visible amongst young children is effective. Children are asked to thoroughly clean their teeth as efficiently as they can and are then asked to use a disclosing tablet. This can be very impactive as lots of areas are highlighted and makes them aware of the specific areas they need to focus on in the future when cleaning their teeth.

Achieving a great smile that will boost your image and confidence is achievable and the benefits are immense.