There are so many benefits of using a sauna, but for most of us the idea of installing one at home just doesn’t make sense. However thanks to developments in smart technology individuals are now able to bring a portable sauna into their home. Allowing for people to receive all of the incredible benefits like weight loss and relaxation, without undergoing a massive home redevelopment. Using infrared technology these small saunas go over the body and provide individuals with the exact same feeling of being sat inside one of those hot and relaxing rooms.

There are a number of different portable infrared saunas to choose from, and here are the range of options available.

Photon LED Model

The option is without doubt the best portable infrared sauna which you could buy for yourself, and it delivers professional quality results. This particular sauna features photon red LED lights which provide heat and skin rejuvenation, the sauna is also accompanied by germanium stones which help to intensify the power of the LEDs. This is aimed at those looking for firmer skin with less lines & wrinkles.

Deluxe Model

The deluxe model sauna is a large piece of kit which you lie within. This sauna features stones, made from tourmaline, which boosts the power of the LED lights and also releases negative ions whilst you are in the sauna. These negative ions have been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits and can even boost an individual’s immune system. Every detail is considered with this portable sauna, right down to the fabric on which a user will lie, which is also designed to reflect the heat back around the dome.

Standard Model

The standard model comes in at a more budget friendly price and is great for those who wish to have a sauna as an occasional luxury in the home. Using far infrared technology, this sauna has a larger dome but still produces a great deal of heat. The product is made of cedar timber and uses carbon heaters in order to extend the infrared rays. Much like the other options on this list, the fabric used in this sauna is designed to evenly distribute and reflect the heat so that you can count on obtaining all the health benefits which portable infrared saunas provide.

Infrared Heating Pad

If you are not sure whether or not a portable sauna is right for you, then the jade infrared heating mat could be the best portable infrared sauna alternative for your needs. This product has no dome but rather a heated pad on which you lay down on. This is a fantastic product for muscle relaxation and much like a massage, through the use of this mat you can increase circulation and reduce stress. This mat also has temperature control which means that you can relax at a heat that you enjoy. If you have a stressful day then this is the perfect way to wind down and relax.

Research each of these for yourself to determine which portable infrared sauna best fits with your individual needs.