Your face is generally the first thing someone sees when they meet you and the last thing they will likely remember after you have left. It is also the area of your body that nearly always exposed to elements that can cause it harm. Just think about how often you are in the sun, wind and rain and you can see how the face takes a real beating on a daily basis.

Many people are rightly concerned about caring for their faces. They examine each available procedure around that claims to keep their skin young looking. From their search, many discover that there are professionals who provide specialized services to keep the face looking fabulous.

These procedures run from the simple to the very complex and some even require surgery or an extended period on a medical professional’s table undergoing very uncomfortable treatments over many months. Doctors like John Clemenza who often deal with patients looking for great skin care procedures advise caution when seeking out treatments and recommends that they consider one of the oldest and also one that is often overlooked, the facial.

Regular facials from a licensed professional will help to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, increase the production of healthy collagen in your face and help you avoid the worse skin problems.

Facials come in many different styles and types and can range from deep cleaning to a light affair that focuses on taking off some top layer dead skin and putting a beautiful glow on the face.

Facials have become particularly famous because some do them at home. They find out the price of getting a professional facial and decide that perhaps it is not worth the expense.

Yes, doing a facial at home IS less expensive than having it done professionally, but when you visit an office or clinic where they specialize in high quality facials, there simply is no at home alternative. Here are some reasons why a professional facial will always be superior.

They Know How to Treat Every Skin Problem

If you decide to do a facial at home there is a chance that you might be looking to solve one skin problem and end up creating another. Experimenting with products and techniques on your face, can be sketchy and you may not know that you created a problem for yourself until a day or two after you actually do your home facial. Professional skin therapists have been trained in being able to provide facials for every skin type and problem. They know how to diagnose and then they have the exact products that will create the best results for your skin. These professionals get paid well because their results are second to none.

They Use Professional Products and Equipment

The top clinics will only use the best products and equipment for yourfacial. Many of these products are not available for purchase by the general public because they take a professional to use them and the machines in the therapist’s office that are used on your facial, likely cost thousands of dollars. This equipment has been specifically manufactured to treat all skin types and to be operated by someone who has been trained on its use. THe results are that you get the best facial possible.

They Know How to Prevent Future Skin Problems

Professionals skin therapists are expert at giving the types of facials that prevent you from having bad skin problems in the future. They know how to tailor their procedures followed by a personal regimen for you that will vastly improve the quality of your skin over time and also protect you between visits. It is important to have this type of approach because it both saves you money and avoids you embarrassing and potentially damaging skin outbreaks. And, while it is true that most skin problems can be treated to some after they appear, the general consensus is that it is much better to prevent them altogether.