Ever since time began humans have searched throughout nature for remedies to health conditions and diseases. We colloquially refer to such cures as ‘old wives remedies’ and most people at some time or another in their life will have been recommended one of these remedies in order to improve their health and feel better. Whist many do believe in this ancient wisdom, science is not so sure and has actually disproved a great many of the remedies which exist. Not all of the recommendations are folly however and many of them have been proven to work. If you aren’t quite yet ready to ditch the old wives tales, here are some of the remedies which can work to great effect.

Chicken Soup For Cold

If you ever get a touch of flu or cold, whichever you call it, then you will probably have been told that chicken soup can work wonders for you and whilst it may not cure you in an instant, this is actually a very helpful way of feeling better. Whilst being true that chicken soup can help, the reason for the benefits which you’ll feel are actually a little more boring than you may have thought. In truth, any salty and warm fluid will help to hydrate you and remove the mucus that has been building up, the protein in chicken will also give you boost but it is the salt and heat that really help you out.

Peppermint For Your Stomach

If your stomach is causing your problems then the tried and tested method of drinking peppermint tea or sucking on a peppermint sweet, has been given the green light by scientists. The peppermint can soothe the pain in the stomach and it also opens the top of the stomach to allow the release of acid. If you suffer from heartburn, this may not be a good idea for you as it can flare up when the acid is released.

Sugar For Hiccups

Hiccups have generated a great deal of ‘cures’ over the years from drinking a cup of water upside down, being shocked and holding your breath for 10 seconds. Whilst none of these have necessarily been proved as false, the surefire way to help get rid of your hiccups is widely regarded to be by swallowing a teaspoon of sugar. Hiccups are caused by the vagus nerve which is attached to both the brain and the stomach, this nerve is what causes the convulsions and sugar stimulates this nerve and essentially causes it to forget all about giving your body jolts.

Sex For a Migraine

The old excuse of having a migraine in order to avoid sex, actually ensures that the person with the migraine, avoids a cure. Sex produces endorphins in the body which are naturally produced feel-good chemicals, with the release of these endorphins, the pressure is greatly relived from the muscles and nerves inside the head which leads to a reduction of pressure and the disappearance of the migraine.

Which home remedies do you stand by and how well do they work? We’d love to hear from you.