Driving a semi truck is a huge responsibility, and one that can come with a lot of danger as well. Trucks are big, they often take a lot of concentration to control, they take loads that are not really consistent in terms of size, and they go through oil, tires, gas, and other components incredibly fast. All of this seems like a recipe for tons of accidents, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to help keep yourself safe on the road from Fisher & Talwar

1. Get Enough Sleep

While it can be tempting to stay up late, push through to the next rest stop, or get to your destination early, you really do need to make sure that you are getting the most sleep possible. Driving on the road is boring, causes fatigue, and is very likely to make you feel drowsy even on the best of days. Combining this with days where you don’t have enough sleep and you may end up driving in an impaired state.

2. Check Your Truck Over

Always do a walk around of your truck and make sure that everything is working well. This means checking the tread on your tires, making sure that your load is securely locked in, and that nothing seems to be leaking or making strange smells on your truck. This will also help you avoid pranks, know if your truck has been the victim of a hit and run, and help you notice any other problems quickly. The most important of these checks is the tire check, as bald tires won’t provide the traction needed for quick stops in a truck.

3. Don’t Rush

In a business that is all about deadlines, this recommendation might seem like a bit of a death sentence, but there are habits you can build that will help you complete your job without as much stress. Try and get enough sleep, plan out your breaks, and take loads that you can reasonably complete within the amount of time provided. Speeding kills thousands of truckers each and every year, in addition to flustered or rushed drivers being much more reckless.

4. Check The Weight Of Your Load

Your truck is only rated for a certain amount of weight, putting anything more than that weight in your truck will create unsafe conditions. This is also true of loads that aren’t actually well distributed. The weight limit is important to the operation of the truck, and the weight distribution is important for maneuverability within the truck. When you pay attention to both of these, you give yourself more control and better performance out of your truck, making it easier to do your job.

Drivinga truck is fun, it’s a great way to see the country, and it pays well. When you know how to protect yourself from the most common causes of accidents, you can enjoy yourself more on the road, taking advantages of all the perks of this amazing job.