Natural remedies or alternate medicines have seen a sharp rise in recent years as more and more people seek different ways of treating health conditions. There is much debate in the medical world as to whether or not remedies such as this can and should be used for patients, whilst many people suffering from severe health condition continue to seek for a new and natural way of overcoming their problems.

The issue with these kind of treatments is that because there is no authority, it opens the doors to snake oil salesmen who look to take advantage of the sick. Let’s take a look then at why these treatments have grown in popularity in recent years, and what choices you have when it comes to natural remedies.

Faith in Drugs

Rightly or wrongly, drug companies are often painted as being mercenary charlatans who prey on sick people and are only interested in serving their shareholders. This perception hasn’t been helped by the likes of Martin Shkreli who famously raised the price of Daraprim from $13 to $750 overnight. This lack of trust and raised suspicion that people have when it comes to the drug companies is just one of the many reasons why they are looking elsewhere for their treatments.

Wider Knowledge and Availability

The internet has given us all the ability to find out much more information about drugs and treatment options that are available to us and it has also increased the accessibility of drugs and natural remedies. If there is a plant that grows in the Amazon for example that can help to lower cholesterol, we can now easily get our hands on this through e-commerce sites and worldwide shipping. The internet has also exposed us to more people who have put their faith in natural remedies and this has peaked the interest of many. In the past we relied solely on doctors and books for our information, now we can check out YouTube and be inspired to use something different in order to fight our health conditions.

Straight to Source

A great deal of the natural remedies that exist out there are actually based in the origins of approved drugs that exist on the market. Many plants and flowers are used in synthetic drugs and as a result of the mistrust that many people have, they would rather go straight to the source and seek the purity of the earth rather than a lab produced treatment.


There are always exceptions to medical treatments, people who can’t be cured, people who have worse side effects than others and for some people, a treatment which simply doesn’t work for them. The more cases like this that people hear, the more doubts they will have taking scientifically produced drugs and they would rather take their chances with a 100% natural remedy. This is not to say of course that the results from natural remedies will be any different than those which come from approved drugs, but these doubts are one of the factors driving many people to natural or alternative treatments.

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