Opiate addictions are becoming a common problem in many cities and small towns across the country. This means that not only are there more and more addicts every day, but there are also many family members struggling with how they can help their loved ones get through a detox treatment for opiates and eventually move on to enjoy a wonderful and fulfilling life. If you have found yourself in this situation, use the following information to show you how to be a supportive and encouraging person during your loved one’s journey to sobriety.

Understanding Their Addiction

Most individuals do not plan on forming an addiction to mind altering drugs. There are many that are simply curious about drugs and begin to experiment with recreational substances. They know the risks, and they can often stop on their own before it gets out of control. The truth is that most people that dabble in alcohol or drugs soon realize that this isn’t something they want in their life and move on. It is only a small percentage of the population that actually become addicted, but when you consider how many people are in the United States, even a small amount can equal millions of our citizens. Studies report that roughly 25 million people are addicted to either drugs or alcohol. That means that one out of every ten people over age 12 suffer from some sort of addiction. This number shows you just how big of a problem this has become. The number of people addicted to alcohol alone is staggering, but there are many other types of chemical dependencies out there. One of these substances has become a major concern in our country as well as globally. It is the type of drugs classified as opiates. The rapid rate of opiate addiction has risen so quickly in recent years that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has called it an epidemic. In 2014, overdose deaths reached an all-time high. Luckily, these shocking numbers have motivated continued research into the subject which has resulted in improved rehabilitative programs for those addicted to opiates. This process begins with opiate drug detox.

Offering Support

Once your loved one has gone through a detox program like the ones at Restore Detox Centers, your help is needed more than ever. Staying sober will be a lifelong struggle for them. This struggle will be much easier if they know they have your support. Knowing how you can offer that support is very important. You need to accept them without judging them. Most recovering addicts feel as though their friends and family are constantly judging them. Avoid negativity or criticism as much as you can. It is better to express your love to them, and be sure to praise them for their sobriety. Be an active listener as well. Recovering addicts often need someone that is willing to listen to them. Be available to them through every struggle as well as the victories. Make sure your loved one is now living in a drug-free environment. Protect them by removing any drug paraphernalia from their surroundings, and encourage them to avoid places where temptation will cross their path. This goes along with encouraging them to pick up healthy habits. Exercise, cooking food, and playing games are all substance free activities that you can enjoy together. There will be times when you feel like your support is not enough. This may simply be because you cannot relate to their journey. Recommend that they join a support group where they can interact with other recovering addicts. Sharing their experiences can be encouraging for everyone. Most of all, be patient.

The road to recovery is long. It is a complicated process during which an addict can make many mistakes. It is important that they know you will continually support their efforts even when they make the occasional stumble. If you can simply stand strong and be an encouraging person that your loved one can count on, you will be helping them in more ways than you can ever know. Those that are addicted to opiates may feel isolated and lonely. With the help of a profession detox program and your support, they just may be able to recover and move on in life to enjoy all that they have been missing so far.