Automobiles on one of our most valuable tools. They move us around our cities and afford us a level of independence that makes our lives comfortable. For many of us automobiles are an indispensable part of our lives. We use them to get to work, run very important errands, and even at our jobs.

Although they are very common, we can sometimes forget how dangerous they can be. Every second of every day in the United States, there’s an automobile accident. Most of those accidents are small fender benders, requiring an exchange of insurance information and a calm head. But in a good percentage of those accidents, someone is injured. And many times those injuries require hospitalization and will cause that individual lasting pain.

When someone is injured in an automobile accident there are several important things that should be done to ensure that the person is cared for properly and is compensated for any pain and suffering caused by the person responsible for the accident. In addition to immediately seeking medical care, the person should contact a personal injury lawyer in order to understand be represented in the process of lodging a lawsuit. An injured person needs to call a local lawyer where the accident is happened. For instance if you are in a car accident in Seattle Washington, you should contact a reputable car accident lawyer in Seattle who can handle your case.

However to ensure that you do everything you can to avoid a car accident, we’ve compiled the list for you to examine and follow. Here are some of the smartest things that you can do to keep yourself safe while in your automobile.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced Regularly

If you have a new automobile, your car company has presented you with a maintenance schedule that should be followed precisely. Today’s automobiles are very sophisticated and maintenance is required to ensure that they run efficiently and safely. Fluids should be replaced when required, hoses and belts should also be replaced, and important areas of the car like tires need to be inflated properly and new ones installed at the proper times. If you have an older automobile, you should be very diligent about taking it in for service. Older all the mobiles tend to have more problems and keeping a close eye through maintenance allows you to be sure that your vehicle is running in top condition. When an automobile is not properly service, the odds of getting into an accident or increased.

Never Drive Impaired

When you are in alcohol or drugs, you can have a false sense of security about your ability to drive an automobile. However driving impaired is one of the top reasons for the amount of automobile accidents around the country. When you are impaired your vision, hearing, and thought processes do not work properly. Your reflexes slow down, and your ability to observe the road diminishes greatly. These factors combined to make you dangerous to yourself, other automobiles and pedestrians. If you are impaired, never drive an automobile. Instead turn your keys over to someone else, or simply sleep or rest until you are no longer impaired. This approach will make the roads safer for you and others.

These tips will greatly improve your chances of being safe on the road.  However sometimes you can do all the right things, and still end up in an accident. For this reason, you should be prepared to contact medical facility and doctor, and a reputable car accident attorney if you find yourself the victim of an automobile accident.