The time after a car accident can be difficult to say the least. But it is best to act quickly, while all the details of the incident are fresh in each person’s mind. The smallest detail can be important in a court case. As time passes by the drivers might forget exactly how things happened, and any witnesses to the event might forget as well.

Get in Touch With An Attorney Fast

There is so much to deal with in the aftermath of a car accident, including medical issues and getting cars fixed, so hiring a car accident attorney might be the last thing on a driver’s mind. Fisher & Talwar will get to work on interviewing all the parties and scheduling depositions so that the real story of the event is recorded. They can work fast to investigate the scene of the accident and see if there are any circumstances that contributed to the accident, like a tree that has grown to block the approaching view of a stop sign.

Take Time to Vet the Attorney

Drivers who have been in an auto accident might be flooding with lawyers trying to get their business. Their solicitations can be very aggressive, and often so unconcerned with the actual welfare of the person. Take the time to search for reviews from previous clients and verify the attorney has experience in this area of litigation.

Be Careful of Taking Official Actions

During the time after an accident, a driver can be overwhelmed and confused, making it far from the best time to make any decisions that will affect the long term. To prevent being taking advantage of, the parties involved should not rush into any contracts or decisions that can affect the final outcome. Don’t sign any insurance company forms or releases without first showing a credible accident attorney. Don’t make any recorded statements to a lawyer without getting an opinion from a reputable car accident attorney.

Don’t Let The Insurance Company Dictate

Drivers with insurance may find themselves in the process of negotiating with an insurance company to get a settlement for the amount of the car’s value. As part of this process, the insurance adjuster will try to pay the driver as little as possible. As long as the offer is accepted by both parties, the insurance company can get away with paying much less than the market value. Don’t allow the insurance company to rush the process of settlement. The first offer they come with may not be the best offer. An auto accident attorney is the best qualified person to tell if an offer should be accepted.

Drivers who have been in a car accident may feel upset, shaken up or stressed out. Having an attorney to help with the legal aspects of the process can be a great help.